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Phil Duncan, P&G Chief Design Officer

Phil Duncan, P&G Chief Design Officer, discusses the all-new P&G LifeLab Everyday and the future of virtual design.

The Oral-B iO Experience

The Oral-B Experience showcases how Oral-B iO is reinventing oral care. Visitors experienced Oral B iO’s linear magnetic drive system that directs more combines a unique oscillating and rotating round brush head brush brush brush head brush brush head with gentle micro-vibrations for a professional-like, clean feel every day.

Our Planet, Our Home Experience

The Sustainability Experience, featuring EC30, the 50 Liter Home, and Holy Grail technology immerses consumers in innovation that reinvents responsible consumption to help create a more sustainable world. It educated visitors about how the latest technologies could reduce consumption of energy, water, and waste to have a major impact on the overall health of our planet while meeting your everyday hygiene and cleaning needs.

Transforming Home Care Experience

Our happy, healthy, hygienic home, featuring Microban 24, Febreze Fade Defy Plug, Dawn PowerWash, and Cascade Pods showcased how we are reinventing home cleaning and hygiene. Visitors experienced how innovative technologies and formulations can create a happy, healthy and hygienic experience each day as we all spend more time at home.


Oral-B iO

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Oral Care

Oral-B iO

Oral-B iO has reimagined brushing from the inside out with breakthrough innovative features and designs that will elevate your expectations in experience and performance. Its frictionless magnetic drive and reinvented brush head combines oscillating, rotating bristles with micro-vibrations for a professional clean feel every day.