What Is P&G LifeLab?

In this increasingly connected world, change is happening faster than ever before. We live in a time of mass disruption, where consumer demand for highly personalized experiences and access to new innovations is on the rise. Connectivity is fundamentally changing how consumers approach every aspect of daily living, from brushing their teeth to cleaning their homes.

Why is P&G at CES?

At P&G, we want to—and do—create higher-quality connected consumer products with the agility and authentic one-to-one marketing of a small startup. Each day we combine extensive science- and research-based learnings with a real and constantly evolving understanding of how people live, work and play.

We have our fingers on the pulse of consumer desire, delivering what people want now and innovating to create the products we know they’ll want next. We lead mass disruption, harnessing new technologies, embracing lean innovation and leveraging partnerships to deliver products and services that enhance the human experience.

With more than 180 years of expertise in serving consumers and winning in an ever-changing marketplace, we are returning to CES to share our innovation story in the premier space for previewing what’s next in consumer technology. We are excited to share new products and innovations in our P&G LifeLab exhibit which can be viewed on our live stream.

What is the P&G LifeLab?

The P&G LIfeLab is the intersection of breakthrough science and powerful technologies that provide the foundation for the products and services we offer, and the consumer homes and lives in which those products are used.

In the LifeLab, we’re sharing the full P&G innovation story, from the unparalleled consumer data we use to understand and address their needs, to the science that enables us to improve our products and consumers’ lives, to the experience of those products in everyday life at home and on the go.

We’re innovating with speed and purpose across categories; see what products we’re featuring in the P&G LifeLab here!