Charmin Go Lab

Charmin’s vision for a better bathroom experience extends into the future to address top potty pain points everyone can relate to. Introducing Charmin GoLab – the first-ever innovation showcase focused on helping people Enjoy the Go, anytime, anywhere. GoLab will feature three never-before-seen conceptual prototypes made to deliver a better bathroom experience from start to flush – RollBot, SmellSense and V.I.Pee.

RollBot – RollBot is a first-of-its-kind robot that, when controlled with a smartphone using Bluetooth, delivers a fresh roll of Charmin to you so you won’t have to be left in a bind ever again.

SmellSense – An electronic sensor monitoring system that lets you plan ahead and check how the bathroom smells without having to experience it yourself.

V.I.Pee – A premium porta-potty experience enhanced with Oculus Rift S VR that will transport a GOer missing out on any moment – whether it be an event or concert – to the front row so you never miss a beat while on the seat.

Right now, RollBot, SmellSense and V.I.Pee are conceptual and not for sale, butt…

BONUS! People CAN Enjoy the Go longer with Charmin Forever Roll! It’s the same 2-ply Ultra Soft toilet paper people know and love… and can go up to ONE MONTH before changing the roll. It comes in a 12” diameter size, and starter kits come with three rolls and includes a roll holder. Visit for more information on the entire Charmin Forever Roll product line.

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