P&G LifeLab at CES

Innovation at P&G

View the breadth of P&G's innovation portfolio of superior brands that reinvent the consumer experience.

The future of AI in CPG

How P&G is leveraging AI to create superior customer experiences - from product design, marketing, and the shopping experience - and what it means for the CPG industry. P&G CIO Vittorio Cretella, Chief Research, Development and Innovation Officer Victor Aguilar and CNET Editor at Large Brian Cooley discuss how P&G is leveraging AI to build deeper, trusting relationships with consumers and create irresistibly superior P&G brand experiences.

The Metaverse: The next frontier of consumer engagement

The metaverse—the convergence of augmented reality, virtual reality, online gaming and other digital technologies with physical environments—has the ability to radically change the way we experience the world around us and interact with other individuals. Follow an engaging panel with: Greg Kahn Head of GK Digital Ventures & the Emerging Tech Exchange; Ioana Matei, Head of Immersive Technologies, P&G; Jason Shaw, Design Vice President Global Oral Care, P&G; Tipatat Chennavasin, Co-founder and General Partner, The Venture Reality Fund at CES 2022 to discuss what this future might look like and how technology advancements could disrupt and enhance everything from beauty to commerce to gaming.

The Power of Hair in the LGBTQ+ Community

With P&G Beauty brand director Bret Senior, DressCode Project founder Kristin Rankin and LGBTQ+ content creator and activist Omar Ahmed.

Discovering the Origin of your Favorite Products

With P&G Beauty scientist Rachel Zipperian, P&G Beauty Responsible Purchasing Director Ashley Kuhn, and Monique Simmonds, Deputy Science Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Applying Safety Principles to Online Communities

With P&G Head of Emerging & Immersive Technologies, Ioana Matei, metaverse expert Cathy Hackl and Twitch streamers Kelsey Dangerous and X Mira Mira.

Inclusive Design in Beauty

With P&G Beauty consumer insights leader Jessica Weisenberger, P&G Global Design Vice President Alexis Schrimpf, and external accessibility partners Jaleesa Graham and Madison Lawson.

Safety Commitment through Responsible Product Design

With P&G Scientific Communications Fellow Jeni Thomas, P&G Ingredient Safety Expert Harald Schlatter and EcoWell founder Jen Novakovich.