P&G LifeLab

Want to learn more about P&G LifeLab? Explore our list of frequently asked questions below. For other questions not listed here, please reach out to mediateam.im@pg.com for assistance.

Virtual P&G LifeLab Experience

Do I need to be an attendee in order to join?

No, you can visit the P&G LifeLab experience regardless of whether or not you are registered.

Which browsers are supported?

We recommend Chrome or Safari for the best user experience.

My microphone does not work.

Make sure you have allowed the experience microphone permissions from your browser (Chrome or Safari).

What are the hours for the P&G LifeLab experience?

The P&G LifeLab virtual experience will be open from 9am to 6pm Pacific Time for January 5th - January 8th. The experience will not be accessible outside of those hours.

What private information is displayed in P&G LifeLab?

P&G LifeLab is a networking environment. Besides your avatar look & feel the other people will be able to see your name, company, function and area of interest. This is information you have provided during registration. That information is displayed in your Business Card and will be available to the other avatars when they click on your avatar. Your name will be displayed once you get closer to the other avatars. To check your Business Card, select the 'Profile Preview' icon from the left-hand menu.

How to I change the details on my business card in the immersive LifeLab?

Once the registration is completed, there is no possibility to change your information.

I cannot register.

Please make sure you use a valid email address and you fill in all mandatory fields: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Desired Password, Company, Position, and choose an entry from Topic of Interest.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by using "Forgot Password?" link in the login form.

I want to connect with someone in P&G.

Join the P&G LifeLab and look for our Ambassadors in the blue shirts. They can direct you to the right contacts.

How can I switch from first person to third person view?

Simply by clicking on the "eye" icon on the left side menu.

How do I see more information about the person I am talking with in the immersive LifeLab?

Simply click on the avatar of the person you are talking to and his/her business card will pop up. Please note this is not working if you are in first person view. Switch back to third person view by using the "eye" icon on the left side menu. You can also engage in a private chat by using the "Chat" functionality".

How do I chat?

Press and hold the Space Bar in order to chat. Please be aware that P&G LifeLab is an immersive 3D space - this means that avatars far away cannot hear you, you need to get closer. If you want to exchange written information with another avatar or with our P&G Ambassadors use the private chat function: click on the avatar and click on the chat icon.

Can I have a private conversation?

Yes! Sit in a booth by the bar with other attendees to initiate a private chat.

Help! Someone is harassing me.

Please report any disrespectful attendee to one of the P&G Ambassadors (avatars with blue top, P&G LifeLab logo, and P&G logo over their heads) and the issue will be addressed.